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QuikieApps - top reactjs development company in Bangalore


In the event of any breakdowns, QuikieApps qualified React JS developers can create programmes for you from scratch, update your existing systems, provide maintenance services and provide technical support. To build the highest quality PWAs, we use the React Javascript platform and have teams consisting of developers with considerable work experience. Our developers are your best choice if you want to create your own personalised React JS app. Our reactjs development services concentrate on developing top-quality web and mobile apps and our mission is to ensure that the apps we create are featured in app stores and secure market positions as well. In designing prototypes and solutions for Android and iPhone apps, we create special and outstanding applications and skills. We also partner with both companies and startups, along with a firm grip on all the latest technological advances, which enable us to deliver reliable and unique products.



Yellow is an agency for Web and Mobile Creation that has developed more than 40 products for customers. We put business needs first, understanding the markets and being tech-savvy, and we create scalable, sustainable, and future-proof solutions to help you get the product you want. The final product will be a true work of art, whether it is Mobile App and Web Creation, UX/UI Design, Machine Learning, or Artificial Intelligence. Design is one of our core principles.  Mix in our professional and talented UX/UI squad, and it’s ready for your perfect app.

Capital numbers

Capital Numbers

Capital Numbers is a leading global supplier to consumers around the world of web apps and mobile app creation and digital network engineering services. We concentrate on creating long-term customer relationships, allowing them to reimagine their companies through a digital lens. Digital publishing, SaaS apps, online shopping, financial services, travel and consumer products, technology and hi-tech, business knowledge and media, sciences and health, as well as other emerging industries constitute our industry expertise.



Vincit is not yet another business with apps. With human-driven digital transformations, we are restoring your trust in the future. With a full service mentality, we approach each software development or UI / UX design project. Typically, cooperation between experts from a wide range of fields leads to fairly good results. With holistic digital transformation, we support our customers, design & build apps for all kinds of uses & devices, and manage them for you. We are excellent at keeping as comprehensible and easy-to-use complicated stuff as possible, and we are proud of making things that just work.



Inoxoft is a multinational software development firm and an accredited partner that offers worldwide first-of-class applications. React, Node.js, Python and .Net are based on web development services. Mobile development of iOS and Android on React Native and mobile cross-platform development on Flutter. To ensure that no glitches exist or the smallest insufficiency exists in the product, the production process goes along with rigorous Quality Assurance testing and Automation Testing. Inoxoft has an on-board UI/UX design department.

The Software House

The Software House

The Software House is a location for software solutions to business questions. We provide web and mobile solutions for businesses that want their processes to be automated, supported startups that need custom apps, tech companies that are looking for experts in PHP (Symfony, Laravel) & JavaScript (React, Angular, Vue.js). For many years, our business-oriented approach has helped us sustain impressive growth. Clients from all over the world have also been helped: Western Europe, Scandinavia, the United States and the Middle East.



At Scopic, to become the one-stop-shop for business innovation, we combine tailor-made software creation with innovative digital marketing and exclusive web design. Regardless of the industry, we have the knowledge and skills to help you achieve your business objectives. Here is a list of industries, including medical and dental, banking, software & technology, among others, which we also work in. Your originality in multimedia. Crafted, coded and passionately spread. Our core resources at Scopic include: Online, Mobile, Desktop and Cross-Platform Development Tools.



Our goal is to create enduring digital goods. We’re able to prevent surprises and concentrate on the quality of the applications we produce by being fair product craftsmen. What helps us to do this is our ambition of being the world’s No. 1 JavaScript software development company by concentrating on one community enabling technology (open source). With our support, we’re eager to help technology-driven businesses achieve their business objectives. Thanks to our awesome team, all of that is possible.


For different IT firms, e-commerce enterprises, logistics companies, educational institutions and healthcare organisations, we have been designing tailored solutions. As well as IoT, augmented and virtual reality, we have personalised app creation. SCAND offers full-cycle software development services without using external resources, beginning from the market analysis and design process to QA testing, implementation, maintenance and support. The company provides consulting services and mainly focuses on the development of software applications and products using .NET, Java, PHP, C/C++ and other technologies.



AppUnite is a software development company that specialises in Elixir and Phoenix, React, Vue.js, developing highly accessible applications for Android, iOS and web apps. Our partners range from companies in the early stages to brands that are globally known. In conjunction with an optimised agile strategy, we use the latest and greatest technologies to build applications that are used by millions. In the category of Web Development and Top B2B Businesses, we are one of the top software development companies.

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