Top Reactjs Development Companies in Austria - 2021

QuikieApps - top reactjs development company in Bangalore


Being the top Reactjs development company in Austria, QuikieApps provides start-ups and companies specializing in mobile app development and technology solutions to companies of all sizes with software resources and expert guidance. QuikieApps certified React JS developers can build programs for you from scratch, upgrade your current systems, provide maintenance services and provide technical support in the event of any breakdowns. We use the JavaScript React platform to create high-quality PWAs and have teams of developers with significant work experience. Our React js developers are the right choice if you want to build your own custom React JS app. Our Reactjs development services concentrate on creating high-quality web and smartphone applications, and our goal is to ensure that the apps we build are also featured in app stores and safe market positions. Designing ideas and solutions for Android and iPhone devices produces special and outstanding apps and functionality. We also work with both Companies and start-ups, with a firm grasp on all the latest technological developments that allow us to produce products that are reliable and exclusive

Client Reviews 4.8/5.0
  • Founded – 2018
  • Employees – 10-50
  • Avg.hourly rate – $25 – $49 / hr
  • Min project size – Negotiable
oakfusion logo


Robust Business Tools. We offer creative tech solutions to businesses. Custom Production for Applications.We offer project support, code review, web and mobile app creation, DevOps services, and cloud solutions. Using the latest stack and instruments, our mission is to build quality apps. We are geaks of sport and Java, all this in a wonderful environment and a high degree of work culture. We have a strong understanding of Fullstack services (DevOps-backend-frontend). We are a highly qualified, solvent team.

  • Founded-2013
  • Employees-10-49
  • Avg.Hourly rate-$25 – $49 /hr
  • Min.project size-$25,000+
uvik logo


Uvik Software is a business based on Python and Django. To provide a high level of delivery to our customers, we have built a large team of software engineers, designers, quality assurance experts, and project managers. Uvik Software is a team of developers from Senior Python/Django with between 7 and 14 years of experience. In order to ensure the highest level of engineering, we recruit the top 1% of Python engineers. We believe in synergy, openness and shared development with our partners.

  • Founded-2015
  • Employees-10-49
  • Avg.Hourly rate-$50 – $99 / hr
  • Min.project size-$50,000+
parkside interactive logo

Parkside Interactive

Our customers trust our professional teams to design, improve and scale digital products and transform legacy systems into market-leading solutions. Parkside is a premium innovation and design partner for custom software creation.In unparalleled ways to produce better software more efficiently, we integrate software development, UX/UI design, product development and technology consulting. Our customers benefit from flexible access to our professionally organized, cross-functional co-creation teams and individual services. We collaborate with innovative innovators and create market leaders.

  • Founded-2007
  • Employees-50-249
  • Avg.Hourly rate-$100 – $149 / hr
  • Min.project size-$50,000+
webtown logo


Our goal is to MAKE DIGITAL EXPERIENCE HAPPEN. We are agile and we enjoy partnering with agile partners on agile projects (Yes, we usually have partners, not simple clients and customers). Instead of writing codes as coding monkeys, we concentrate on designing products for our partners. To support the interaction with our partners’ products and services, we have omni-channel digital experience. Webtown is an agile software development business, we live agility, not only believing it. Our crew of more than 60 employees has more than 15 years of professional experience.

  • Founded-2005
  • Employees-50-249
  • Avg.Hourly rate-$50 – $249 / hr
  • Min.project size-$50,000+ 
kliff technologies logo

KLIEF technologies

Kliff Technologies is a leading provider of IT services, such as web design, software creation, mobile apps, SEO/SMO, etc. It aims to deliver world-class mobile applications, responsive websites designed to serve your purpose and evolve alongside your organization. We make blogs, apps and full digital marketing solutions that are affordable. For all affordable IT facilities, we’re a one stop solution. To provide professional services, Kliff Technologies has a team of well-experienced IT experts. We support our business customers by offering them dynamic and personalized solutions at reasonable rates according to customer needs.

  • Founded-2013
  • Employees-10-49
  • Avg.Hourly rate-<$25 / hr
  • Min.project size- Undisclosed


With a strong emphasis on technology, Informance GmbH is a customer-oriented service provider for industrial applications and web engineering. We service our customers in the DA-CH area from our branch in Vienna.

  • Founded-2002
  • Employees-10-49
  • Avg.Hourly rate-<$100 – $149 / hr
  • Min.project size-$10,000+ 
cegeka logo


The goal of Cegeka is to help clients survive and succeed in a world where the game’s rules are constantly changing. By ‘unburdening’ C-level decision makers and helping them become digital to the heart, we do this. A rare combination of level-headed pragmatism and sincere devotion is Cegeka. We’re going for ‘hard’ outcomes, but we’re taking a human approach. We believe at Cegeka that ‘soft’ abilities such as empathy, flexibility and communication skills are just as important as information and expertise.

  • Founded-1992
  • Employees-1000-9999
  • Avg.Hourly rate-<$100 – $149 / hr
  • Min.project size-$10,000+ 
qualysoft logo


Qualysoft Group was founded in 1999 in Vienna. As an independent IT consulting and service firm, it serves its international customers by offering versatile and creative, customized IT solutions. In addition to its Austrian headquarters, Qualysoft also has offices in Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovakia, Romania and Serbia. It now has more than 500 specialists employed in Central and Eastern Europe, due to the steady growth of the workforce. They are on hand to ensure that any Qualysoft project succeeds, with their many years of experience and high levels of knowledge and dedication.

  • Founded-1999
  • Employees-250-999
  • Avg.Hourly rate-<$25 – $49 / hr
  • Min.project size-$25,000+ 
bytepoets logo


BYTEPOETS GmbH is a software development and design company focused on the development of sustainable and long-term engineering solutions. Our agile workflow is designed to have the best possible experience for our customers and to advise them on business decisions relevant to the software solution they plan to develop. Our role is based on the use of new, solid technology, combined with thought-out, high-quality designs, so we are prepared to overcome any problem that our customers might have.

  • Founded-2011
  • Employees-10-49
  • Avg.Hourly rate-<$100 – $149 / hr
  • Min.project size-$25,000+ 

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