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Top React js Development Companies in Quebec - 2021 - QuikieApps

Top Reactjs Development Companies in Quebec - 2021

QuikieApps - top reactjs development company in Bangalore


Being the top Reactjs development company in Quebec, QuikieApps provides start-ups and companies specializing in mobile app development and technology solutions to companies of all sizes with software resources and expert guidance. QuikieApps certified React JS developers can build programs for you from scratch, upgrade your current systems, provide maintenance services and provide technical support in the event of any breakdowns. We use the JavaScript React platform to create high-quality PWAs and have teams of developers with significant work experience. Our React js developers are the right choice if you want to build your own custom React JS app. Our Reactjs development services concentrate on creating high-quality web and smartphone applications, and our goal is to ensure that the apps we build are also featured in app stores and safe market positions. Designing ideas and solutions for Android and iPhone devices produces special and outstanding apps and functionality. We also work with both Companies and start-ups, with a firm grasp on all the latest technological developments that allow us to produce products that are reliable and exclusive.

Client Reviews 4.8/5.0
  • Founded – 2018
  • Employees – 10-50
  • Avg.hourly rate – $25 – $49 / hr
  • Min project size – Negotiable

Nexapp Technologies

Nexapp is a Quebec City-based Canadian custom application development company that has been helping companies create their killer apps since 2014. We are a group of 30+ full-stack developers focused on empowering the software development community as part of our DNA with living industry best practices CI/CD, agile development, and clean code. Mobile and web application creation, react, react native, and iOS/Android stacks are our core strengths. We can offer an end-to-end project gift-wrapped and ready to go, like most software development firms but we love to work with the in-house development team of an organization. Part of our mission and values is to share best practices, mentor, and provide tools and guidance into the time the in-house teams of our customers will elevate their game.

  • Founded-2014
  • Employees-10-49
  • Avg. hourly rate-$100-149/hr
  • Min. project size-$50,000+
okam logo


Digital Okam Studio. A dedicated team of designers, technologists and strategists who develop digital solutions that are well designed and award-winning. Our goal is to help organizations find new solutions while innovation is encouraged. Working hand in hand with forward thinking enterprises, we bring enthusiasm and experience to cultivate your thoughts and grow them.

  • Founded-2010
  • Employees-10-49
  • Avg. hourly rate-$100-149/hr
  • Min. project size-$10,000+
logient logo


Logient is a custom software knowledge center concentrating on value creation and value for money. Depending on the needs of the client, the specialist team of Logient designs and manages every step of the software life cycle in whole or in part. The strategy of Logient is rooted in best practices and industry standards. With its unique view of the whole life cycle of software and after more than 1,000 projects.

  • Founded-1999
  • Employees-10-49
  • Avg. hourly rate-$100-149/hr
  • Min. project size-$75,000+

Algoseeds Labs

Algoseed Labs is a boutique online and mobile application development company located in Montreal. From small businesses to corporations, we work through a wide variety of industries. From design to production, we provide world-class solutions to every client, every step of the way, using trend and market analysis as well as a/b testing to provide the most intuitive experience with the most robust security. Using the latest tools and technology, our committed team of designers, researchers, developers and testers are actively learning and helping to push the boundaries of what is possible, offering documentation and ongoing support.

  • Founded-2020
  • Employees-2-9
  • Avg. hourly rate-$25- 49/hr
  • Min. project size-$1,000+
magicmind logo


Founded in the year 2016, Magicmind Technologies Limited is an award-winning ITes and digital marketing company. Besides handling your development and designing responsibilities, we help you to build your brand, create value-added service, and optimize the business process. We cater to global clients, delivering them services like web design and development, mobile app development, software development, CRM solutions development, and digital marketing strategies.

  • Founded-2016
  • Employees-2-9
  • Avg. hourly rate-$25- 49/hr
  • Min. project size-$100,000+
vooban logo


Vooban designs tailored business software and web applications, specializing in agile methodologies and concentrating on Dev. In insurance, finance, banking, public security, logistics, and development, the core expertise lies. We also expertise in re-engineering of systems and seamless transformation.

  • Founded-2011
  • Employees-2-9
  • Avg. hourly rate-$25- 49/hr
  • Min. project size-$100,000+
Perpetual Solution logo

Perpetual Solution

We make it simple and affordable to provide a website and online services for our customers. We understand that you don’t have a lot of time and that it can make things difficult, long, and costly for web agencies. Without adding to your tension and workload, we get your site completed fast. You need additional resources such as a translator, a refresher of the logo or other written content. No issue, all of these responsibilities will be coordinated by a dedicated account manager so that the project stays simple.

  • Founded-2007
  • Employees-2-9
  • Avg. hourly rate-$25- 49/hr
  • Min. project size-$100,000+
plank logo


Plank is an award-winning, Montreal-based multimedia studio. We have dedicated ourselves since 1998 to making the web a better place and to providing our customers with personalized support. The heart of our agency is our community of accomplished and enthusiastic digital craftspeople. Actually, we are more than a team, we are a group, and we are effective in working together to find the best solutions for your digital project.

  • Founded-1998
  • Employees-10-49
  • Avg. hourly rate-$100- 149/hr
  • Min. project size-$100,000+
icona logo


ICONA is a crew of seasoned marketing professionals who believe in a service level that is more intimate. Each team member has been working for a long time in their field of expertise, and we’re good at letting you know what to expect and when to expect it. We concentrate on legal marketing, and we always practice with passion and certainty, leaving others with the guesswork and the sales hysteria. But we’re going to close with a few more questions, and we’re going to get to know each other all over again. We hope that you find our business style in line with your values.

  • Founded-2005
  • Employees-10-49
  • Avg. hourly rate-$100- 149/hr
  • Min. project size-$100,000+

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