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Top React js Development Companies in North Carolina - 2021 - QuikieApps

Top Reactjs Development Companies in North Carolina - 2021

QuikieApps - top reactjs development company in Bangalore


Being the top Reactjs development company in North Carolina, QuikieApps provides start-ups and companies specializing in mobile app development and technology solutions to companies of all sizes with software resources and expert guidance. QuikieApps certified React JS developers can build programs for you from scratch, upgrade your current systems, provide maintenance services and provide technical support in the event of any breakdowns. We use the JavaScript React platform to create high-quality PWAs and have teams of developers with significant work experience. Our React js developers are the right choice if you want to build your own custom React JS app. Our Reactjs development services concentrate on creating high-quality web and smartphone applications, and our goal is to ensure that the apps we build are also featured in app stores and safe market positions. Designing ideas and solutions for Android and iPhone devices produces special and outstanding apps and functionality. We also work with both Companies and start-ups, with a firm grasp on all the latest technological developments that allow us to produce products that are reliable and exclusive.

Client Reviews 4.8/5.0
  • Founded – 2018
  • Employees – 10-50
  • Avg.hourly rate – $25 – $49 / hr
  • Min project size – Negotiable
Praxent logo


For tomorrow’s industry leaders, digital innovation is a must-have core competency that can’t be outsourced indefinitely. Your company must internalise product thinking, research-backed UX design, customer centricity, rapid usability testing, user validation, and agile growth to educate and accelerate your digital roadmaps in order to keep up with your customers’ digital demands. By leveraging your existing resources, assets, and ideas, we create it with you, not for you. Then we organise ourselves around you in order to find the fastest route to a new update. We want to work ourselves out of a career, leaving you with a digital customer service core competency.

  • Founded-2000
  • Employees-10-49
  • Avg. hourly rate-$150 – $199 / hr
  • Min. project size-25,000+


Lithios was founded in 2014 by a group of NCSU entrepreneurs with a goal to develop mobile experiences and products that have a significant impact in our society. As Lithios developed, the team realised there was a need in the Triangle for a dedicated mobile team that recognised the value of quality design, growth, and innovation in creating powerful mobile experiences.

  • Founded-2014
  • Employees-10-49
  • Avg. hourly rate-$150 – $199 / hr
  • Min. project size-10,000+


Viget is a creative agency consisting of designers, developers, and strategists who develop and brand award-winning digital products, experiences, and tools that empower consumers, broaden skills, and advance businesses. Viget has a long history of digital innovation, assisting clients in leveraging emerging technologies to enhance established processes or create new ones, thanks to its diverse set of capabilities.

  • Founded-1999
  • Employees-10-49
  • Avg. hourly rate-$150 – $199 / hr
  • Min. project size-25,000+


Techverx is a custom software development firm that works with startups, businesses, and enterprises. Techverx began as a one-employee company in 2010, and has since grown to 150 developers who have completed over 380 projects for 150+ clients in North America alone. Techverx has offices in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and Lahore, Pakistan.

  • Founded-2010
  • Employees-10-49
  • Avg. hourly rate-$150 – $199 / hr
  • Min. project size-10,000+

CodeBerry Solution

Do you want to work with a top-tier team of software developers and data scientists, with direct access to the company’s leadership? CodeBerry Solutions is a small software and analytics firm focused on helping businesses. We differentiate ourselves at Codeberry in three ways. First, we’ll listen carefully and dig deep to fully comprehend your specifications so that we can tailor a solution that makes sense both now and in the future. Second, we recruit only the best and keep all production in-house because we believe in Packard’s Rule.

  • Founded-2017
  • Employees-2-9
  • Avg. hourly rate-$150 – $199 / hr
  • Min. project size-5,000+
vaporware logo


Vaporware is a software company that specialises in assisting businesses in scaling their operations through technology. We work with small to mid-size companies that are over-capacity and need to develop internal processes or expand into new markets in order to grow. We’ve designed, prototyped, and built over 30 custom apps for customers in a variety of industries since 2013.

  • Founded-2013
  • Employees-10-49
  • Avg. hourly rate-$150 – $199 / hr
  • Min. project size-25,000+
ZealousWeb logo


TWO technophiles with entrepreneurial characteristics founded ZealousWeb in 2003, when there were few firms offering complete IT solutions for web-based issues. We provide services to all forms and sizes of companies, whether they be small, medium, or large, at ZealousWeb. When it comes to web, mobile app, and eCommerce growth, we’re the best in the business. Our expertise is in developing user-friendly websites with excellent UI/UX and feature-rich mobile applications.



Avg. hourly rate-$150 – $199 / hr

Min. project size-25,000+

Hyperspace Ventures

Hyperspace Ventures works with developers who want to make a difference in the world. For startups and existing brands, we design, create, and invest in powerful digital products. Website design and production on a one-of-a-kind basis. Design and development of custom smartphone applications.

  • Founded-2016
  • Employees-10-49
  • Avg. hourly rate-$150 – $199 / hr
  • Min. project size-10,000+
Willow Tree logo

Willow Tree

WillowTree® is a major mobile and digital product development firm. Our award-winning team of mobile analysts, UX/UI designers, and software engineers have delivered over 1000 mobile and digital solutions to the world’s leading business and consumer-facing businesses, including 21st Century Fox, Regal Cinemas, Synchrony Financial, National Geographic, and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, since 2007.

  • Founded-2007
  • Employees-10-49
  • Avg. hourly rate-$150 – $199 / hr
  • Min. project size-10,000+

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