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React JS is a flexible, open-source, and declarative library of JavaScript used for constructing user interfaces. It constitutes the foundation for developing mobile or single-page applications. Due to its high rendering performance, state management, and data binding properties, Reactjs development is especially popular these days. Therefore, being top reactjs development  company in Bangalore, we outsource ReactJS development services for developing web applications, websites, and hybrid mobile applications.

It splits pages or properties into small sections of reclaimable components, producing interactive elements and effects on screen. Apart from that, it is very adaptable. It can modify even the simplest of designs by employing the right combination of components. Consequently, our company prioritizes ReactJS as our first choice for web and mobile app development services. Therefore, outsource  ReactJS Development Services.

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As a leading reactjs development company, What we offer?

QuikieApps is one of the top ReactJS development companies in Bangalore. It enables different forms of businesses to flourish in the online world. Creating and delivering intuitive, scalable, and secure mobile and web applications is our distinguishing feature. And our motto is to make life easier and better. Accordingly, we offer the following facilities as a part of our ReactJS development services package:

UI/UX Design

We have expert UX and UI designers who determine the scope of your project and end-user specifications. Therefore, we make it a point to incorporate those requirements into the project's process. So, if you want first-class UI layouts, consider us as your best choice.

Mobile Application Development

We employ the React Native App Development process to create hybrid and native apps. Under this process, we thoroughly follow all the phases of development, starting from ideation to the maintenance stage. At ReactJS Development Company in Bangalore, we consider it our duty to upgrade your products as per user requirements.

Product Development

If you require a ReactJS development services team for providing support to your project, contact our professionals directly. We have first-class ReactJS developers in our team who would build your program from scratch and upgrade your existing applications. Furthermore, we would also provide maintenance services and technical support in case of malfunctions in the product.

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Reactjs development company in bangalore
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ReactJS Development Services that we offer..!

Being one of the leading ReactJS development companies, we cater to various forms of business organizations. We enable businesses to envision and explore the full potential of their enterprise. We make it a point to keep our clients updated to date about all forms of web-based information. Consequently, we enable them to make more informed decisions regarding their enterprise. We employ the best industrial practices, and transparency is a part of our primary objective. Our transparent online-based services enable businesses to apprehend, assess, and coordinate ordered and organized data perspectives. However, what is striking about us is that we do all of it quickly and in a dynamic context.

PWA Development

As a top Reactjs development company in Bangalore, we specialize in developing best-quality PWAs. For that, we use the React JavaScript platform. We are especially good at state management and memory management for progressive web applications.

Dedicated Reactjs Developers

We have ReactJS developers with considerable experience and exposure. We are loyal and committed to our esteemed clients and know our job very well. One of our striking features is that we work as a team. In the context of project development, we employ all the members of our software team irrespective of their positions.

Custom Reactjs Software

If you want to build customized ReactJS software, our reactjs developers are the best choice. As part of ReactJS Development Services, we create apps that are easy to navigate, user friendly, and have unique visual effects. Hire reactjs developers from QuikieApps who are expertised and can provide flexible options to incorporate every requirement of your company in the finished product.

Working Process

As one of the leading ReactJS development company in Bangalore, India, we focus on making top-quality web and mobile applications. Our goal is to ensure the apps we make get featured in app stores and secure market position. We construct apps that are not unique but also noteworthy. We have expertise in developing designs and strategies for Android and iPhone apps. We collaborate with both enterprises and startups.

We have a firm grip on the latest technologies, enabling us to deliver transformational and reliable products. We believe in an outcome-based approach. Therefore, we develop applications that tend to be easy to navigate and adaptable to user requirements. Our motto is to surpass our customer’s expectations and, consequently, considered trustworthy for business collaborations.

To deal with everyday problems and make life better, our ReactJS development services team develops a large number of apps. Founded by a group of well-established tech entrepreneurs, we have the distinction of producing top quality mobile apps. Such mobile apps reflect our integrity and perfect engineering skills and our commitment to users. So, contact us, and we will transform your program into something completely new.

Why QuikieApps top reactjs development company in Bangalore?

The primary advantage of subscribing to our ReactJS development services is that we understand your vision. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves fully to the task of turning your dream into a reality. Our experienced developers get to the bottom of your project. Consequently, we transform the prerequisites of your program into a full-fledged, user-friendly, and customer-oriented mobile application. Apart from that, you would get the following facilities in our reactjs website  development company package:

24/7 Communication.

The feature that distinguishes our ReactJS development services is that we enable our customers to contact us directly. Their time zones do not serve as an obstacle at all. Our services are available 24/7, and such continuous communication contributes to the success of our clients' projects.


At our ReactJS Development Company in Bangalore, we ensure full security of our clients' projects. Security is a serious issue for us. Therefore, we ascertain that nothing from our part becomes a reason for compromising the security of our esteemed clients' projects. For that, we always verify that the intellectual properties of our respected customers are adequately protected.


We have an expert team of ReactJS developers who can create UI and UX designs of the highest quality. While developing your mobile and web applications, our reactjs developers and designers especially consider the usability of the concerned app. We make sure that your app sticks to the highest standard usability.


Our ReactJS development services team ensures that our industry practices turn out to be best. Consequently, we ascertain that whatever products we develop are scalable from the beginning itself. Therefore, consider us your first choice if you want to make your programs adaptable to ever-increasing market demands. We will make your project flexible and customer-focused.

Daily Updates

Our objective is not merely to complete the client's project. Instead, we focus on proper collaboration. Consequently, we provide regular updates to our clients regarding the progress of their projects. We also seek their inputs for enhancing the quality of the project. To ascertain that our customers can keep track of their project's live progress, we use Jira and Trello.


As a top ReactJS Development Company in Bangalore, we take project confidentiality very seriously. Consequently, we have a default provision for signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement. We recognize our responsibility to protect the interest of our customers. To put it in other words, the security and privacy of customers is our top priority. So, do not worry about the confidentiality of your project. We are always available to you.

Hire Top Reactjs development company in Bangalore

QuikieApps is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

Being a leading ReactJS Development company in Bangalore, we have a broad customer base. Their satisfaction professes our expertise in providing top ReactJS development services. They respect us for our dedication to their needs and aspirations. We have a competent & expertised ReactJs Development team, and we have all the prerequisites for coping with the ever-changing market demands. As such, we act as an essential representative of the app development industry in various recognized forums. As one of the top-notch Reactjs development services providers in Bangalore, QuikieApps gets to the bottom of the client’s project. We try to grasp our client’s vision and take into account their existing scope and requirements. We try to seek our clients’ inputs throughout the development process. After that, we ensure that the end product is on par with our clients’ vision and market trends.

We have years of experience in the field of ReactJS development services. Consequently, we have the required systems and technologies for developing top-quality, scalable mobile and web applications. Our motto is to ascertain that our products reflect our profound engineering skills and sophisticated progressive designs. Our transparency levels and product quality enables us to enter into everlasting strategic relationships.

How to Hire Top ReactJS Developers.!

ReactJS Development is beneficial in multiple ways as it helps build user interfaces by many methods. This requires developers to break the components distinctively. These reactjs development services have become the most popularly used services of all times. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional for this task. JavaScript has acted as a piece of open-source information for various companies. But now reactjs development companies have taken over and came out to be an advanced version of plain JavaScript. A reactjs developer is known to offer numerous benefits to your business. These incorporate reusable codes, larger communities and are also SEO friendly, making them the most preferred companies of all times.

reactjs development services

What makes hiring a reactjs developer so tough?

Most companies require a lot of people with preferred qualifications and finding out people who fit into specific categories according to their qualifications is a big step. Also, when it comes to technicality, our Reactjs development company has reached heights in hiring people who fit right into the category of top and talented react.js developers. This method of hiring people according to their qualifications is a tight one, but we certainly with our constant hard work have achieved this. It’s become a bit of a hassle these days due to the following: 


JavaScript is quite popular

Nearly every application and website run on JavaScript because it’s only the best. Benefits provided by this programmer are hard not to consider. Top companies, like Netflix and Uber, along with several others, are known to utilize Javascript. Its usability is known throughout dominating applications as it provides both iOS and Android users with an extraordinary experience. 

Desktops can be tackled with the JS framework, websites with the NodeJS and mobile applications with React Native. If you require a top reactjs development company in bangalore, India, then go for a full stack developer.


Recruiting great minds is not easy. 

There are so many developers who excel at what they do. It’s become quite challenging to select the right one. The procedure further comprises evaluating each of their strengths and weaknesses and using a varied number of tools to test them. Mainly, verifying the ReactJS development company in Bangalore so that ultimately you land the top react.js developers. 

Authentic reactjs development services are something no business would want to miss out on benefiting from.  Since it is becoming complicated in hiring JavaScript developers and will continue being tough, our company is trying its level best to recruit these developers from various places, including reactjs development company in Bangalore.


What type of developers do companies require?

With the advent of technology and varied usage in this 21st generation by various companies, a lot of development has been made in these recent years which may lead to the introduction of new start-ups who would require reactjs developers. There have been various reasons for success related to why these fortune 500 companies are progressing in the real world. Well, the truth is that everyone requires Javascript in today’s world. One of the main reasons why million dollar companies are succeeding is because they’re provided with premium react.js development services. 

We have managed to recruit and build a team of the most efficient ReactJS developers in India. As mentioned earlier, this wasn’t an easy procedure and consumed a lot of time. We’re certainly sure that you’d also want to work with someone highly skilled and aware of ways to need your requirements.


Therefore, we’re letting you in on the secret: 

A team player: Make sure the developer you’re interested in knows how to work well with a team. It can be very toxic if an individual is not a team player and disturbs the entire environment. Such ReactJS development services are pointless without the developer possessing the required soft skills.  

In for the long run: Recruiting someone who’s quite skilled but isn’t available because their employer won’t let them go is not an option. Such individuals are only in for a short period, will do the job, and then leave. We need someone who not only gels well with the team but is also in for the long run. 

Pure talent: QuikieApps is a dominating reactjs development company in Bangalore. Our workforce only comprises pure talents. These individuals are quick learners and know how to adjust to changes.


Locating & recruiting pure talents of the market 

When we had just begun, this was a significant issue we faced and could only get through it with the help of a specific recruitment procedure. This requires technicality, which is why it would be advisable to conduct a series of assessments before finalizing a developer. These tests may include a variety of completion of tasks wherein the expert who is taking the test can judge on the basis on these developers performic whether they are suitable for their respective companies or the position that is being offered to them.


Screening the candidate:

Before these tests, it is essential for these candidates who are applying to go through the process of screening. Companies should use their LinkedIn profiles or find out their interests before making them step into the technical market. The process of screening will help in fitting out the options which best suit the job preference. Our website uses the process of online assessment software like interviewing to select the candidates based on their qualifications.


A technical assessment:

Along with after this, it is imperative for any company to take a technical test of these developers. Provide them with a simple Javascript quiz. Check whether they are comfortable and if they pass or not. This is one method our company goes through while selecting reactjs developers.


A final interview:

Lastly, interviewing the candidate is the most crucial step that every business takes before hiring a candidate to come work with their organization. With the help of one on one interview, you can check the confidence a person carries and judge the person’s knowledge by the way he/she responds.


Necessary Tools to find the best reactjs developers

Researching and candidate sourcing is one of the essential tools that are required while hiring any reactjs developer. These two methods require a lot of time and effort but will guarantee to come back with positive results. They can be useful in finding out the right candidate who can search extensively based on his/her knowledge of developing programs.



To conclude, ReactJS and Javascript are both beneficial and essential for building user interfaces. They assist in building various applications which may benefit a lot of users. This is primarily why businesses should invest sufficient time and efforts while hiring the right Reactjs developers.

ReactJS is predominantly used for rendering mobile and web applications. Developing apps using ReactJS allows the developer to create independent components. Each of them can have different logic and can be functioned even if the other components are not working properly. React introduced virtual DOM that ended the need for reactjs developers to perform SSR (Server Side Rendering) every time. With this, developers are not needed to update the page when change is made. 

Earlier when reactJS was not used all the rendering was executed by the server-side. Even though that was not the most convenient way for application development, it created the best static HTML and CSS applications. Entire revolution commenced with the introduction of javascript, and ReactJS came with the most efficient syntax called JSX. This offered the developers various practical ways for app development.


React is simple to develop

Every developer finds a library or framework which is easier to instrument and understand. It might be the best tool for those who already know javascript and HTML. Beauce React is all JSX. As a leading Reactjs development company, QuikieApps developers are very familiar with Reactjs. This combined language is considered as the most convenient language for app development. ReactJS supports other languages too. 

React enables code reusability

Concept of designing in React is through building components. You create text boxes, buttons, menus, layouts, graphics, etc. and then use them whenever required in the application. As the program becomes complicated, the component hierarchy keeps on growing. Components are packed in wrapper components, which have elementary root components and several branching components. Here, every component can have a specific function and can be modified according to the requirements.


Well maintained library of predesigned elements

Development using ReactJS provides the developer with an exclusive and vast library of predesigned tools, charts, text layouts, and several elements. These components are fully customizable and allow the developer to spend less time designing.


SEO optimized  

React is SEO friendly that is appreciated by every developer because SEO optimization is the key to generate engagement. App optimization becomes mandatory for every business in the growing competition. ReactJS makes sure the web or mobile application is listed among in the top search engine searches.

React is capable of creating highly dynamic and interactive web applications. But initially, you need to set up the code editor and prepare an environment.

Code Editor: For writing the application code, you will require a code editor which should support ReactJS. ReactJS for a code editor can be a plugin, dedicated software or an extension. You can choose one according to your preference also you can check on QuikieApps for finding which editor will suit you.

Node.js and npm configuration: Almost for every project, you will need npm(node package manager). You can download npm through Node.js as it is installed as a part of Node. To check whether it is installed type” npm -v” in the code editor. If you receive an error, then you can install it manually.

Manual installation requires these commands:

npm install (with no args, in package dir)- It installs the packages in the project directory

npm install [<@scope>/]<name> – the package will be installed in the directory of the project as a symlink

npm install <git-host>:<git-user>/<repo-name> – package will be installed from the directory of the specified ‘git host’

npm install <git repo url> – the package will be installed from the repository URL

npm install <tarball file> – it will fetch the package from the filesystem and then install it

npm install <tarball url> – fetch the tarball URL and install the package

npm install <folder> – Install the package in the specified folder.

Browser: We recommend using the Chrome browser to develop ReactJS web applications. Chrome provides greater flexibility, and it is compatible with most of the React development tools.

After setting up the prerequisites, you have to start working with the code editor for developing the web applications. In the code, the editor begins with creating a file for your project with the create file command. Then start building the components, you can get the layout of the components on the internet so that you don’t need to code the layout as well. These Pre Designed layouts can also be customized according to your need. 

Preparing package.json –

Type name to name your app 

“version” to specify your current version

“Private/public” to mention which security mode is selected

“dependencies” – this includes the keywords “react” and “react-dom”, which will activate the react DOM for our project.

“dev dependencies” comprises the required nodes for the web app. 

‘Node_modules’ It contains the dependencies as mentioned in the package.jason. Extra packages can be mentioned in package-lock.json. To further begin with the JSX programming, type in “npm.start” in the code editor you are using. It will open a tab containing the localhost of the program. As you will make changes in the application code, the browser’s page will automatically update. In the code editor, you can build as many as class components and design the web page accordingly.

E-commerce sites are extremely benefited by building their website with ReactJS. As an eCommerce site consists of several elements in a single page, the development of the same page becomes much convenient. Because React supports component-based programming approaches. Any action on the web application changes the state of the component instantly, and this is executed with the ReactJS Virtual DOM.

The State Control feature of ReactJS improves the efficiency of the overall application and also consumes less memory. Some of the well-known eCommerce sites like Alibaba and Amazon now use ReactJS for web management  While Building any web app, a developer chooses one of the following approaches: 

  • Developing the application from complete scratch using notable tech stacks like MEAN, MERN, or NRG.
  • Developing using templates and layouts and connect the web page through backend APIs. If you follow this approach, you might face some minor complications.
  • Insufficient customization: The layouts are predefined and cannot be changed from the source code. So, there’s very less possibility of customization of every aspect. 
  • Initial cost: With this approach, you may need to pay the developers from which you are getting the templates for Front-end designing. 
  • Managing different platforms: If you use editors like WordPress along with React, then you will need to manage both the platforms. This can reduce your performance significantly.

ReactJs can be used to create a Single-page web app (SPA) conveniently. Single Page Applications are somewhat different from the orthodox multi-page applications. SPA offers the user to route over the same web page on every click. In simple words, it is a very long web page which consists of all the elements of a multi-page web application.

Whenever a user traverses on the page, he will interact within the same page without being redirected to a different page. The page elements of the page load inline. React library offers a routing system called React-router, which has all the capabilities of developing SPAs. Trello is an excellent example of Single page navigation.

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As a leading Reactjs Development Company in Bangalore, We've been working with and completing partnerships for leading retailers, multinational food and drink businesses, start-ups, real estate, Fitness, telecommunications, fashion businesses, and many more. We are experts in developing Android, iOS Mobile Apps, Online and IoT Applications, artificial intelligence, E-Learning, CRM solutions and gradually improving our expertise!

We use Python, Django and Node.js for back-end. We use Javascript technologies like React.js, Angular.js for the front-end. We use React Native, Kotlin and Swift for mobile applications.

We prefer Python as it performs well when it contributes to agile software development, which facilitates developers to take advantage of primed-to-use components when it comes to prototyping and speeds up the development process. In reality-the first results are almost immediately evident. Django is a strong web platform that is sponsored by a wide and active community, let alone comprehensive documentation. Creating sophisticated Web apps with less code makes it fast and simple. Node.js is ideal for simple, scalable apps using the same code both on server-side and client-side applications.

Building a web application on React may take somewhere between a few weeks up to a few months. The time to master a platform will take longer – it can stretch anywhere between 6 months and a year. But once acquired a proper skill, the web development can take even less than one month – it all depends on such factors as the scale of the project and developers’ level of experience. In comparison, without using ReactJS, it takes developers much longer to come up with something similar. Depending on the complexity of all exceptional factors, it may take 4.5 months on average in normal circumstances.