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QuikieApps is one of the top Node Development Company. We have expertise in designing highly scalable and enterprising web and mobile apps. NodeJS provides an end to end networking systems to our customers in the competitive market. Also, QuikieApps offer a well-structured technique for designing your app right from scrap to a fully functional application. Our NodeJS development team makes sure that the application's testing is flawless, and the final application is fully scalable.

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Being Top Nodejs Development Company

Why Nodejs?

Node.js works efficiently with expert level front end development programs like AngularJS and ReactJS for creating exclusive interfaces. Frameworks like React and Angular provide an additional boost to the initial capabilities of NodeJS. The most significant reason for using NodeJS for app development is that it executes Javascript outside a web browser. Because of its V8 Javascript engine, built by Google, it is speedy and easy to operate for developers. Node.js supports integration with frameworks like Express.js, Connect,, which enhance node.js’ speed and functionality.


It comprises more than a thousand open source libraries hosted by the npm (node package manager) website. With node.js, a developer can code on both server and client sides. Node makes the development of real-time chat or gamming applications extremely rapid. The event-driven architecture of node.js follows a single-thread process which can execute process simultaneously in a parallel manner


This utilizes event looping and callbacks that increase the rendering speed. Almost every Javascript based tool can run on node.js. Popular companies like Microsoft, IBM, Intel, etc. favor NodeJS because of the profound developers and community.

Being Leading Node JS Development Company

What We Offer.!

API development & integration

QuikieApps offer the development of real-time and dynamic applications. Our Expert developers provide proficient quality of API development and integration with several other cross-platforms. With the efficient use of API, we create interconnections between your business applications that increase the app's productivity. Our API development ability can create highly dynamic and interactive interfaces.

Server-side development

Server-side development becomes very optimal by using NodeJS. Operations on server databases and interactions with the files become much faster. Our developers can design the structure of the web application without frustration. Also, NodeJS processes the input data and makes it a straightforward procedure.

Custom NodeJS development

Our developers have expertise in development in custom applications with NodeJS. They work dedicated and precisely to meet your expectations and provide you a quality output. Here in QuikieApps, we discuss your specifications about the app and then allow you to choose a capable developer. This gives the flexibility to design a custom NodeJS application. The custom application can include any kind of logic, plugin, and component.

Plugin development

Plugins are the modules which consist of a specific logic and program. A development application has in-built plugins, and also a developer can design his plugin. Our developers are skilled in the development of several custom plugins on NodeJS. These plugins can consist of any logic, and it can be reused whenever needed in the program workflow. Plugins can extend the capability of your application and make it look more interactive and feature-full.

Web & Mobile Application development

Developers of QuikieApps attain expertise in designing web & mobile apps. NodeJs deals with a cross-platform service, enabling us to work on complex applications without loss of quality. It has several dependencies, because of which development and utilization becomes a lot more efficient. Designing mobile and web apps in NodeJS requires less time for coding because of the code-completion program. Also, utilizing NodeJS for application development is much more convenient than the traditional Javascript method.

Data Streaming in Nodejs

Data streaming is one of the most significant features of NodeJS. Streaming allows us to read data from a source and transfer it to a destination. Data streaming includes several processes like reading data from the stream, writable, or duplex streams. Duplex streams can read and write data at the same time. This feature allows the user to transfer extensive data to the destination and access it without the need to download it. Large organizations like QuikieApps maintain a data lake that has all the required data. Developers can access the data from anywhere using streaming pipes. This service increases the speed of development as most of the necessary data is already available.

Being Top Nodejs Development Company

About Us

QuikieApps is the prime Web and Mobile application development company with NodeJS. We create all kinds of applications, including gaming, eCommerce, travel, lifestyle, social media, utility, etc. Also, we provide you the opportunity to handpick developers for your project and make the best outcome. 


Our company has developed web and mobile applications for several consumers and delivered them on time. We possess the potential to stand out as the leading software development company. QuikieApps has a unique selection procedure where you can test the developers on your standards and select them. We have a wide range of developers, from beginners to experts. Each of them is dedicated to your requirements and is capable of fulfilling them.

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As Top Node JS Development Company

Why QuikieApps?

The primary advantage of subscribing to our ReactJS services is that we understand your vision. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves fully to the task of turning your dream into a reality. Our experienced developers get to the bottom of your project. Consequently, we transform the prerequisites of your program into a full-fledged, user-friendly, and customer-oriented mobile application. Apart from that, you would get the following facilities in our react website  development company package:

24/7 Communication.

QuikieApps has the best communication services among all development platforms. Also, we are suitable for every time zone across the globe to deliver the most excellent development services to you. You can directly contact our expert developers to share your development ideas and start with your first project. Our developers are always ready to hear you out and provide you expert-level solutions for every query.


Maintaining security is our foremost preference. Any data that has been shared by you is kept confidential in our system. Thereby maintaining the integrity of the clients. We have an advanced data security system that ensures that our repositories are never breached. Your every project with us is managed with the topmost securities, and every conversation with the developers is kept private.


Developers of QuikieApps are dedicated to delivering excellent usability to you. Our proficient developers are capable of outperforming other developers in the market and providing you with an SEO optimized code. The apps designed are capable of managing a large user crowd without the lack of quality and performance.


We follow the latest technologies in the development process to ensure the applications are scalable in the growing competition. Our developers' expertise in delivering scalable services in the fields of eCommerce, enterprise applications, payment apps, and many more. We expand the range of our services by providing custom application development through NodeJS.

Daily Updates

To have greater transparency in the project development process, we provide you with a regular update regarding the advancement of your project. We also keep track of the milestones to be completed. So that the project is completed at the scheduled time. Frequent updates help you to keep a record of the amount of work done on your project. Also, it will keep you engaged during the development.


The project data is kept confidential, and privacy is maintained regarding all aspects. Once the project has been discussed, and about to commence, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with you. This agreement includes which aspects are kept confidential. For additional privacy, we do not showcase any of the conversations between you and your developers. Our classified measures guarantee you trust and secure experience with us.

As one of the top Node js development companies

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You can get in touch with us through phone calls or an email. Our experts will listen to your queries and development ideas. If you come up with an innovative thought for designing an app, you can share it with us. One to one conversation with our developers gives the advantage to solve misconceptions, and the expert development team will easily understand your vision towards the application.

During the development procedure, if you are stuck with something or you need assistance, then also you can contact us quickly. We assure you to give you a response instantaneously. Making a phone call to the development team, you can guide the developers to design the application according to your requirements.

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