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Mobile apps have been a game-changer in our profoundly challenging lives. When mobile apps invaded the present market, the users were surprised by the impact the mobile apps had on their lives. Mobile applications have advanced our way of living to ensure a flourishing and dynamic future. Numerous mobile app development companies started strengthening their pillars in the competitive market by taking the first step in rendering usable and scalable mobile applications. Tons of mobile app development company’s development process has robustly grown to become the best mobile app development services providers by satisfying the requirements of the end-users. A mobile application can also aid businesses and enterprises in rendering their process effective and efficient. Many industries have climbed up the charts and increased their goodwill in the competitive market with the help of effective utilization of these apps, for example, Uber, Swiggy, etc. In this era, every startup mobile app development company has found great success on the battlefield of immense competition.

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Mobile App Development Company

QuikieApps is a top mobile app development company in Bangalore, India. We have experienced and highly skilled developers who specialize in limitless innovation and ideas. Our ideas and innovation are appreciated and well renowned in the competitive market. Our highly skilled developers and their eye for aesthetics have aided us in rendering the most aesthetically pleasing user interface and a robust user experience in terms of usability and scalability. We stand apart from other app development agencies in Bangalore because we are renowned for rendering some of the best custom mobile apps.  A custom mobile app development company is a company that tailors the mobile app according to the client’s requirements or expectations. We have successfully overcome various barriers to reach the top by making the client’s and the end-users demands and expectations a priority. The prime purpose of a mobile app development company is to build an app that has the features of a compelling user interface with robust security and reliable scalability.

We, QuikieApps, are known as the best-in-class mobile app development service providers for our previous works in mobile app development because of our effectiveness and efficiency. Our team of highly experienced and skilled developers can design dynamic business models that can surpass the client’s expectations. Our comprehensive evaluation techniques have supported several companies in developing a mobile application effectively and efficiently in an economical manner. We have accomplished an exceptional feat by serving our esteemed clients and aided them to reach their desired position among the best in the market. Such achievements have rendered us reliable and trustworthy for the present businesses that operate online. We have equipped our clients with mobile apps that have supported them in elevating their business. Our mobile apps for advancing the internal systems of an organization and their business processes have stood apart in the market by effectively doing so.

Reaching the goal of becoming the top mobile app development company in Bangalore is a long and arduous process. We, QuikieApps, have achieved this by tackling the negativities with innovation and a perfect process plan. We take up every project as a challenge and execute our industry best process modeling. We never miss delivering our projects on time, and most importantly, we never fail to understand the client’s and user’s requirements and render an app that can stand the test of time. We can proudly say that we are appreciated and renowned by our esteemed clients as a top-notch mobile app development company in Bangalore.

Why Mobile App Development Company?

Mobile phones have become a significant part of all our lives irrespective of our age and interests. We are getting more and more reliant on mobile phones for day-to-day aspects. Mobile phones have replaced the traditional methods of doing day-to-day routines such as keeping up with news, listening to music, watching movies, shopping, and many more things to a much easier job. We rely on our phones for almost everything that we do. Mobile phones present an immense opportunity for businesses to establish themselves in the competitive market by having their mobile applications. Having your business online opens up your business to a wide range of audiences.

Any company, be it successfully established or a startup cannot ignore the benefits that an online platform can add to the existing opportunities and audience. Mobile applications are more user-friendly and convenient. The aforementioned makes a business more accessible to a user.  Users can get notifications about new offers and services that a company can provide. Applications enable businesses to keep customers updated and to have more direct and effective communication.

In-app notifications offer consistent and beneficial information that attracts the existing customers to become reliant and loyal. Mobile applications can be the easiest way in creating a channel for digital marketing between a company and its customers. Customer engagement is essential for a business to flourish. Mobile applications are capable of winning strong customer loyalty.

Mobile applications allow building solid relationships with customers by attracting a genuine customer base to business. An online platform such as a mobile application is available to every consumer that is genuinely interested in the services of a mobile app development company. A company can reach consumers from another corner of the globe easily. 

Transforming a retail experience of obtaining services to a digital experience is way more accessible and reliant. Companies can be ahead of the ever-changing customer expectations by providing them with a unique customer experience. A digital model for a business can exponentially cut down expenses and increase profitability. 

A company can provide almost any kind of service through an online platform. A mobile application can provide different features corresponding to the unique services rendered by a company. Mobile payment mode is the most popular method of making payments. Many applications are built solely for making payments. Several companies use payment gateways to enable customers to make hassle-free payments. These payment platforms are fast, secure, and user-friendly enabling more customer loyalty.

Many companies are built solely for providing services through mobile applications. A mobile application can be an efficient tool to establish strong brand awareness and brand recognition. Establishing your company on the online platform will benefit you to stand out from your competitors. 

A mobile application acts as the face of a company. We must focus on building an application that is fast, responsive, aesthetic, and user friendly. A mobile application should cover all the essential aspects and requirements for both customers and the company. Building such an application is a complex task. Every mobile app development company aims at achieving these qualities in their final render of an application.

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Our Mobile App Development Services

iOS or iPhone app development

iOS devices are the most prominent and one of a kind in the current market of smartphones. iOS and iPhone devices will always be the primary target of many businesses for mobile app development because of their security and sophisticated system. Tailoring mobile apps for iOS or iPhone devices is a challenging process for developers. By doing so, they are motivated to learn a ton from building the most sophisticated mobile app. Every mobile app development company considers this project of building apps for iOS or iPhone devices to be a goal.

We, QuikieApps, renowned as the best-in-the-market mobile app development company or mobile app development service providers have successfully tailored some unique apps for iOS or iPhone devices and have successfully gained our esteemed client’s trust by doing so. We have designed and deployed numerous mobile apps for iOS or iPhone devices that can stand the test of time by being scalable throughout the reign of the business. 

We have a team of highly skilled and proficient designers and developers capable of building scalable and reliable apps for iOS or iPhone devices. They are well aware of the most advanced technologies and frameworks used for iOS app development. They excel in building iOS apps that can satisfy both the client’s and end-users demands and expectations. We, the top mobile app development company in Bangalore, develop custom apps and native apps with impeccable potential and advanced features to meet the ever-changing requirements of the end-users.

iPhone App Development
IOT App Development

IoT App development

IoT applications have become a significant part of everyone’s life by assisting the users with their numerous requirements and rendering their life easy and seamless. The top mobile app development company aims at conquering the competition in the market by developing various apps for clients, including IoT apps. Because in the future, the use of IoT apps will see substantial growth in the charts of the competitive market due to the dynamic fluctuations.

We, QuikieApps, design and develop IoT applications for several sectors that include communication, financial services, real estate, and health industries to evolve in the modern world. Our apps monitor user interactions and build statistical and analytical data that will help you to bring comprehensive updates regarding the performance. IoT apps have conquered the market. To keep up with this race, we implement prolific ideas and plans for the development process of an IoT application.

Every mobile app development company aims at providing top-notch IoT applications. Since the immense competition in the market is high, the challenges force every start-up to compete with the giants in the field. QuikieApps is a top-notch mobile app development company that has accomplished the task by conquering the challenges of deploying the most robust and scalable IoT application. We can proudly say that we are renowned as a top-notch custom mobile app development company in Bangalore, India, for rendering flawless and seamless IoT applications.

Hybrid app development

Hybrid apps are more efficient apps when compared to native apps. Because developing hybrid apps can save both time and money. Many mobile app development companies target hybrid apps because the demand for hybrid apps is immense in the competitive market. After all, it is not expensive and saves a ton of time during development. Hybrid apps aid businesses in maintaining their stability in the market by supporting them in achieving future goals and objectives proficiently.

Hybrid apps work across multiple platforms like iOS, Blackberry, and android and behave like native apps. Hybrid apps are a blend of native apps and web apps. The widely recognized Twitter, Evernote, and Uber are all Hybrid apps. These apps provide an upper hand to every organization that aims to go online. We implement a unique development process to develop a hybrid app that is financially economical and effective. 

We, QuikieApps, being a best-in-market mobile app development company follow a strict process by first understanding our client’s and the end-users expectations before developing the app. Understanding the market expectations and requirements will be of primary importance for developing hybrid apps because of ever-changing demands in the market and mobile app development companies use industry-standard methods to render top-notch Hybrid apps. We excel in adapting to the fluctuations in the market and, we advance the application scalable and resourceful. 

If you are looking to achieve your dream goals by going online with hybrid apps, consider us. We are renowned for our works, especially among the giants of online business. We have successfully developed and deployed numerous hybrid apps and aided some of the best E-Commerce companies to overcome the challenges in the market. Consider us to tailor you the mobile app of your dreams to achieve your goals of the future.

Android App Development

Android App Development

Android apps development has gained wide recognition through its stable success in the market. Numerous businesses out there have achieved success and goodwill because of implementing apps for their business. In the present world of technology, apps have revolutionized the day-to-day life of people. According to the latest survey by Statista, there are 3.2 billion smartphone users in the world, and an average smartphone user uses 10apps per day and 30 apps each month. In the google play store alone, there are 2.87 million apps available for download. These stats signify how valuable and renowned applications or in-short apps are in this modern world of technology.

The development of these apps became a never-ending race for the spotlight for every App development company. Every android app development company aims to render the most valuable app every time they are on a project. The undivided kingdom of E-commerce depends solely on websites and apps, and most importantly, android apps. About 72.72% ( Android ) holds the crown for the Mobile operating system market share worldwide. Android has been holding the throne for the most used in the world for a very long time. Hence the importance of android apps in the present world is staggering.

QuikieApps, the best-in-town mobile app development company uses industry-standard techniques to render strategically tailored android apps that can elevate and provide stability to your business. Our team of highly talented specialists in the field of android app development will go through various obstacles to render a fine-looking best-in-class android app. QuikieApps is one of the best mobile app development companies in Bangalore, with numerous happy clients.

Our developers use frameworks like React and Angular to create dynamic and flawless android apps. Our developer’s eye for aesthetics and a limitless mind for ideas and innovations highlight them as the prime reason for the success of QuikieApps in the competitive market. Adopting frameworks like React and Angular will help in creating alluring interfaces and rendering dynamic user experiences. 

QuikieApps believe in tailoring apps according to your requirements. A custom mobile app development company aims at catering to the demands of clients, and we aim at not just providing our clients the best but also assisting their path to success. We achieve proficiency in developing all kinds of applications, including business, gaming, chatting, etc.

Let us be your choice in your journey of achieving greatness. As the best mobile app development service providers, QuikieApps promises that we will never fail to fulfill the requirements.

Native App Development

Native apps are developed for a specific mobile operating system like iOS, Android OS, etc. Native apps are fast, reliable, convenient, and secure.  Native apps and hybrid apps are very well renowned in the competitive market because of their effectiveness in user experience. The best mobile app development company uses the value of native apps in today’s world of divided smartphone technology to their advantage. Building native apps is a complicated process since it focuses on a single OS, and the process is tiring to create the apps for individual OS’s.

Our highly skilled team of mobile app developers attain proficiency in tailoring a top-notch native app as per your requirements. Our team of React native app developers uses notable frameworks like ReactJS, AngularJS, and NodeJs, and various other industry standards frameworks to render a best-in-class native app.

Using these frameworks helps in creating visually enthralling and seamless native apps that can outperform your expectations. We follow the idea of providing updates for advancing the performance and revising security services. To make sure the boundaries for your growth are set high beyond the competitor’s expectations.

We, QuikieApps, aim at being the best mobile app development company by satisfying our client’s needs by introducing our client’s ideas into the project and achieving the feat of eminence by assisting our esteemed clients in their success. Our team provides suggestions to the client to decide the final decision on the project. We follow brainstorming techniques to accumulate more ideas and solutions for the project.

Native App Development
Real time Application Development

Real-time Application (RTA) development

In this fast, revolving world where the value of time is undeviatingly increasing, creating applications that users can interact with in real-time has become a model for most mobile app development companies in the market. We use these real-time solutions in our daily life, for example, Notifications, Messaging, Live streaming, Live gaming, and IoT. Real-time apps have made our lives easier by introducing the idea of sharing and accessing data in real time. Since the birth of social media and other real-time communication-oriented apps, the use of real-time apps is relied upon by every individual. These communication-oriented applications provided the swiftest possible communication in real-time that eventually aligned the parallel lines of impossibility to render real-time interaction possible.

Real-time apps are vastly relied upon in the present world, and the challenges for an mobile app development company rise rapidly because of the significance of real-time applications. Every mobile app development company aims at standing apart in the competitive market by rendering the best-in-class real-time app.

We, QuikieApps, are appreciated by our esteemed clients as the top mobile app development company in Bangalore offer development in Real-time apps like multiplayer games, messaging apps, etc. Our Real-time developed applications are equipped with the leading functionalities available to date. The Real-time apps enable secure real-time exchange of data and boundless information.

Our highly skilled and motivated team of developers excel in the development process of real-time apps. They are qualified to develop plugins, components, and features for your app. Most importantly, the Real-time communication apps we build are safe from any threats both ways. We ensure you a cost-effective way to bring the best in your app and a smooth maintenance procedure, unlike static apps.

Consider us for rendering a compelling Real-time application. We, QuikieApps, have climbed up the ladder by providing best-in-class mobile app development services for our clients and the end-users. As the top mobile app development company in Bangalore, we can say that in our real-time app development process, we hoist the strategic techniques and ideas about the demands of the end-user and client as a top priority.

Why QuikieApps is a top Mobile app development company?

QuikieApps is a well renowned mobile app development company in Bangalore, India. We design all kinds of applications, including gaming, eCommerce, travel, lifestyle, social media, real-time, etc.., in our mobile app development company giving you the best mobile app development services.

QuikieApps aims at achieving loyalty in our clients and the end-users by satisfying their requirements and needs in the application making us the best mobile development company in India. Our team of talented developers practices several methods to understand the needs and requirements and render an aesthetically pleasing and seamless application to provide you with the best mobile app development services.

We provide the flexibility of handpicking our developers for your project in our mobile app development company. With this opportunity, you can choose among our skilled and talented developers who would be a perfect fit for aiding you in your path to sculpting your dream into reality.

We believe that integrity and credibility will always support a business in augmenting growth. We have accomplished many projects by providing the best results in the required time. All the esteemed clients of our mobile app development company have appreciated our works in all aspects that earned us substantial growth in the competitive market faster than ever.

Every Mobile app development company in India has a prime purpose in assisting the young and talented citizens in their businesses to aid the nation in growth. Every mobile app development company aims at achieving this feat for the country. Growth and recognition is the long-term goal of all businesses, and accomplishing this requires loyalty from both the clients and the people.

We, QuikieApps, the best mobile development company, have gained wide recognition in the competitive market by earning the trust of our clients and end-users. We possess great potential to stand atop the ladder of competition. We can proudly say that QuikieApps is one of the best app development companies in Bangalore, India. We employ some of the best-in-class techniques to select the right developer for your project. We also conduct brainstorming to gather creative and new ideas, which have given a great outcome.

Developers of our mobile app development company have gained a lot of experience in understanding the demands and necessities of our clients, which gives them an upper hand in tailoring a timeless best-in-class mobile application for you. Consider our mobile app development company to support you in your growth in the market.

Mobile app development company

Benefits of choosing our mobile App Development services.!

  • 24/7 Communication
  • Security
  • Usability
  • Scalability
  • Daily Updates
  • Quality Testing

The prime aim of every mobile app development company is to provide the best mobile app development services, which include both product and service. Service is the most vital part of a business which helps in gaining trust in the market. Providing best-in-class service to clients is a difficult job because of several constraints like time and communication issues. However, in our mobile app development company, we have considered this vital part our principal strength and proactively formulated several strategies to ensure our clients get top-notch mobile app development services with no limits in time and communication gaps.

We, QuikieApps, have the best communication services among all mobile app development platforms. Our mobile app development company provides support to our clients at any time without any delay in resolutions. Also, we are compatible with every time zone across the globe to deliver the most outstanding mobile app development services to you in our mobile app development company. You can instantly reach our expert developers to share your application development ideas and begin your journey with the first step towards greatness. Our talented and experienced developers are always ready to hear you out and provide expert-level resolutions for your queries. Our mobile app development company strives hard to ensure that there is no delay in the solution because we understand the seriousness and fundamental need of the clients.

Data and information are the two most vital parts of a business. It determines the rise or fall of a business. Integrating the data and information with modern technology such as websites and mobile applications is the riskiest step taken by an organization. Providing safety and security for these data and information is considered the most vital requirement in a Mobile app development agency.

Security is one such factor that augments the growth and operations of an organization. The feeling of secureness can elevate the confidence and loyalty of end-users. Every mobile app development company aims at providing a high level of security and confidentiality to its clients. Security is one of the most crucial factors in great demand in the market by the end-user.

We, QuikieApps, one of the best mobile app development companies in Bangalore, India, consider security as of paramount importance. Security and confidentiality are considered primary preferences by all the clients of our mobile app development company. The data shared by the clients with our mobile app development company is secure and confidential because we believe in earning loyalty by providing the best service to our clients. Thereby preserving the integrity of your security. We have provided our esteemed clients with top-notch security services in our mobile app development company.

We, QuikieApps, are widely recognized for our best-in-class security services that have gained loyalty and credibility in the competitive market. Because of the advanced data protection system, we promise that our repositories are highly safe and secure and will never get breached.

Consider us for your next project as we keep your data and information safe and secured. Conversations with our developers are a complete secret in our mobile app development company.

Usability is one of the factors that are the main course of attraction of an application in the competitive market. Every end-user expects an application to be easy to navigate and use. End-user satisfaction remains the most significant objective of a business. The success of every industry in the world ultimately depends on customer satisfaction and especially in this competitive business world.

The end-users demand several qualities in an application for a better user experience. Requirements such as aesthetics, efficiency, security, usability, and scalability. Among these demands, usability is the most fundamental because not every user is patient enough to go through a tiring process of learning how to use an application.

We, QukieApps, one of the best mobile app development firms in Bangalore, are committed to satisfying all the demands of the end-users by rendering an application with a top-notch user experience. We have a team of highly skilled and motivated developers in our mobile app development company who can tailor an application with all the qualities to succeed in the market. In our mobile app development company, we consider usability as a vital quality of an application and ultimately focus on it to design an app that is easy to navigate and usable without any knowledge.

Every mobile app development company in the world aims at providing the best-in-class mobile app development services to their clients via the application with a top-notch user experience. Conquering the complications that the end-user may feel will aid in the smooth usability of a product, system, or service. Proffering the users an easily operable product or service will help fulfill customer satisfaction.

Consider hiring us to develop a mobile application for your business to pave an elevated growing path for yourself in the highly competitive market to opt for the best mobile app development services.

In this technology invaded world, the consumer demands in every industry keep rising, notably in the technology industry. The growth of businesses that rely on mobile applications depends totally on the scalability of the application. Scalability determines the success or survival of a business in the ranks of the competitive market. Hence every mobile application development agency in the world considers scalability as of paramount importance in the process of development.

We, QuikieApps, utilize the latest and profound technologies in the application development process to ensure that the apps are scalable and usable in our mobile app development company. Scalability is a quality that is of paramount importance in an application because the survival of a business in the market depends on it. In our mobile app development company, we tailor applications that can stand the test of time and contribute to the firms by competing in the growing competitive market.

Our developers specialize in designing scalable applications for various industries such as E-Commerce, Fintech, etc. Our mobile app development company is widely renowned for rendering mobile applications that can stand the test of time and contribute to business growth.

QuikieApps believe in the transparency of the process of development. We provide our clients with daily updates about the progress of the development process to ensure that we maintain a good service provider-client relationship. We also keep track of our progress to ensure that the project is complete within the specified timeline in our mobile app development company. We provide daily updates regarding the advancement of the progress to maintain a reliable relationship with our clients.

Daily updates will keep our clients engaged during the entire process of the development. Our mobile app developers communicate with our clients and provide updates to ensure no confusion or hassle caused during the process. In our mobile app development company, we prioritize the communication process to provide the required updates to our clients for the prime purpose of fulfilling and exceeding our client's expectations of our mobile app development services.

After the development process, the testing of the quality of the application will ensure that it is up to mark. Our mobile app developers practice the iteration of the testing process to ensure the application rendered meets all the requirements of the clients and the end-user. The iteration process will give additional confidence and a final opportunity to assimilate the application's complications or limitations and work on those to conquer the drawbacks. Once the testing process is completed, the implementation of the final product will take place.

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Mobile app development cost in Bangalore, India, USA, UK, Australia, Dubai.

Mobile app development is a vast territory with numerous factors that influence the cost of the project. The factors that influence mobile app development are:

  • Location,
  • App features,
  • Number of platforms to be developed,
  • Development types (Native and Hybrid),
  • UI/UX features,
  • The back-end support.

These are the factors that influence the cost of mobile app development.

The widely followed steps for mobile app development are:

  • Research,
  • UI/UX design,
  • App development,
  • App testing,
  • Further support,
  • Maintenance after implementation.

These are the steps followed in app development, which take time. Time plays a crucial role in the calculation of the cost.

The most widely accepted formula for calculating the cost is 

.’. Time is taken for development* Hourly rate = Cost.

Since time is a vital part of the development process, it defines the principal part of the cost.


The Approximate Language learning app development cost

Below we’ve provided the Mobile app development cost comparison between Bangalore, India, The USA, The UK, Australia, and Dubai based on the approximate hourly cost for Language learning app features.

Mobile App development cost in Bangalore

FeatureEstimate HoursBangalore, India 20USD
1. Register/Login24480
2. User Profile40800
3. The learning screen801600
4. Live Streaming40800
5. Pronunciation check16320
6. Attractive UI40800
7. Reminder16320
8. Gaming Feature1202400
9. Gaining vocabulary16320
10. Individual mentor40800
11. Language practice section801600
12. User feedback24480
13. Online community1202400
14. Tips & Suggestions16320
Total USD67213440


Mobile App development cost in the USA

FeatureEstimate HoursUSA 50USD
1. Register/Login24960
2. User Profile401600
3. The learning screen803200
4. Live Streaming401600
5. Pronunciation check16640
6. Attractive UI401600
7. Reminder16640
8. Gaming Feature1204800
9. Gaining vocabulary16640
10. Individual mentor401600
11. Language practice section803200
12. User feedback24960
13. Online community1204800
14. Tips & Suggestions16640
Total USD672$26880


Mobile App development cost in the UK

FeatureEstimate HoursUK 50USD
1. Register/Login241200
2. User Profile402000
3. The learning screen804000
4. Live Streaming402000
5. Pronunciation check16800
6. Attractive UI402000
7. Reminder16800
8. Gaming Feature1206000
9. Gaining vocabulary16800
10. Individual mentor402000
11. Language practice section804000
12. User feedback241200
13. Online community1206000
14. Tips & Suggestions16800
Total USD672$33600


Mobile App development cost in Australia

FeatureEstimate HoursAustralia 35USD
1. Register/Login24840
2. User Profile401400
3. The learning screen802800
4. Live Streaming401400
5. Pronunciation check16560
6. Attractive UI401400
7. Reminder16560
8. Gaming Feature1204200
9. Gaining vocabulary16560
10. Individual mentor401400
11. Language practice section802800
12. User feedback24840
13. Online community1204200
14. Tips & Suggestions16560
Total USD672$23520


Mobile App development cost in Dubai

FeatureEstimate HoursDubai 30USD
1. Register/Login24720
2. User Profile401200
3. The learning screen802400
4. Live Streaming401200
5. Pronunciation check16480
6. Attractive UI401200
7. Reminder16480
8. Gaming Feature1203600
9. Gaining vocabulary16480
10. Individual mentor401200
11. Language practice section802400
12. User feedback24720
13. Online community1203600
14. Tips & Suggestions16480
Total USD672$20160


We, QuikieApps, use profound skills and efficiency to ensure that we render cost-efficient and productive mobile apps for our esteemed clients. We save time and cost using our proficient team of developers, and we believe in cost-effectively providing the best service possible. Every mobile app development company in the world aims to cost-effectively render the best service possible to their clients because affordability is also one of the factors that influence the reputation in the market. Henceforth they strive to ensure they walk out as the best.

We can proudly say as one of the best mobile app development companies in Bangalore, India. QuikieApps has gained a lot of recognition and trust over the recent years in the competition to be more affordable and trustworthy.

Freelancer vs Mobile app development firm

A client has three options for going forward with his project, a mobile app development agency or a freelancer or hiring a developer as an employee. Most of the clients chose either Freelancer or Mobile app development companies because of their economically-friendly factors. Freelancers and mobile app development firms have their differences in terms of confidentiality and commitment to the work.

Mobile app developers of agencies have committed individuals who work synchronously to achieve the same goal, and they also come up with various modish ideas and thoughts to heighten the quality of the design. They are a collaboration of effective and efficient people who are artists in rendering a mobile app that can meet the expectations of the end-users.

Freelancers are not reliable and responsible for mobile app developers because they are less dedicated to your brand even though they are serious about their job and responsibility. Even if you manage to maintain a good relationship with the freelancer, the average duration of work will be time-consuming, and there is no quality assurance. 

Business is all about security, and when you hire reputed mobile app developers, all your information is secured by a third party that takes full accountability for the data. The confidentiality of the client and the project will not be compromised, this is the prime reason why you should hire a mobile app developer from a mobile app development agency. Mobile development companies agree to a confidential agreement, and they are obliged to obey that in any circumstances. 

Sharing the information with freelancer developers is not equal to sharing information with mobile app development firms. Disclosing discrete information with an individual might put the project in a disastrous situation since they can use the data to develop a modified mobile app. 

Your confidentiality is at risk even though the Non-Disclosure Agreement is a common practice.

Hire us to render your dream project successfully with confidentiality, commitment, and integrity. We rely on our client’s trust to conquer the competitive market. Hence we will ensure that we will provide the best-in-class service with all the necessary qualities.



We, QuikieApps, believe that our client’s trust is our reputation in the market. We follow confidentiality and integrity in our processes to provide loyal and best-in-class service to our clients. All the information necessary for the project that is communicated is managed and safely secured. We do not find it professional in providing a non-safe service to our clients.

The complete project data is confidential, and integrity is sustained regarding all aspects. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you before initiating the app development. This agreement covers the elements that are kept confidential. For additional privacy, we do not feature any of the discussions between you and the developers. Our established and planned measures ensure you trust and strengthen your experience with us.

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