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QuickieApps is the most appreciated eCommerce development company in Bangalore, India, USA, UK. We rely on superior craftsmanship and sincerity to provide smooth and unique eCommerce web development services or eCommerce app development services to build timeless eCommerce applications that can advance your business in the market profoundly.

eCommerce Development Company

Top eCommerce development company

Our confidence in providing high-quality service and sincerity highlights us as a top eCommerce development company. We intend to achieve the throne in the market and advance further to being the best eCommerce development company in India. We have rendered the best eCommerce web development services and eCommerce app development services to our esteemed clients. For which our clients have appreciated as a top-notch eCommerce development company in Bangalore.

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Why eCommerce development services?

According to Oberlo, about 27.2% shop online, and by 2023 eCommerce share of retail sales will be a mountainous 22%. The substantial growth of eCommerce in the modern era has aided aspirers to start their own business from any part of the world. Many aspirers have gained wide recognition because of eCommerce. An individual from any corner of the world can start up a business with the help of an eCommerce website or an eCommerce app. Every ongoing business has stepped forward to advance their current way of business to eCommerce to adapt to the fast-growing market. Now is the right time to advance your business to establish yourself as the best. Hire us!! We, QuikieApps, a top eCommerce development company in Bangalore, will help your journey towards the throne in the competitive market.

Our eCommerce development company expertise at:

We, QuikieApps, a top-notch eCommerce web development company, use universally trusted and valued solutions for eCommerce website development or eCommerce mobile application development in the market. Our team of highly experienced and proficient developers intends to work in a challenging environment to achieve the responsibility and objectives, such as satisfying the requirements of the end-user and clients. Our Top-notch eCommerce development solutions are the top reason for QuikieApps’s mastery in the competitive market. Our eCommerce development services are best-in-town and dynamic. We aim at advancing these solutions to be timeless to satisfy the demands of the end-user and the clients. We can confidently say that we are a top eCommerce website development company or eCommerce app development company in Bangalore.

eCommerce UI/UX Design

eCommerce User interface (UI) and eCommerce user experience (UX) is the craft of learning the visual expectations and the overall requirements of the end-user and fulfilling the goal of rendering an eCommerce app or eCommerce website both aesthetically pleasing and impeccable. The fame of an organization relies on its online presence, like it’s website or app looks and quality. Hence to accomplish this quality, being the good aesthetical characteristic and peerless smooth experience, UI and UX can be of paramount importance. Every eCommerce development company aims to render an eCommerce website or an eCommerce mobile app. UI and UX design can be of great aid in achieving the objective of satisfying the demands of the users and the clients.

eCommerce Web Development

An eCommerce web development company aims at developing online shopping websites with unique usability and style. As an effect of the birth of eCommerce, anyone can start an online business from anywhere with fewer investments and start selling their products. For the freshies, the most suggested would be using a website for the online business. An eCommerce website can be tailored for you in various ways, but hiring a top-notch eCommerce web development company would be the best decision. A top-notch eCommerce website development company can accomplish the purpose of creating your eCommerce website with all the necessary and numerous valuable qualities.

eCommerce App Development

An eCommerce mobile application serves as the face of an eCommerce firm. We must concentrate on developing an application that is fast, responsive, compelling, and seamless. An eCommerce mobile application should include all the necessary features and specifications for both customers and the firm. Developing such an application is a complicated responsibility. Every eCommerce development company aims at delivering these features in their final render of the application. We, QuikieApps, the most reliable eCommerce development company, have won extensive attention in the ambitious market by gaining the support of our clients and end-users.

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eCommerce website development

eCommerce B2C MarketPlace platform

An eCommerce B2C marketplace website is nothing but a platform where the buyers can purchase their desired product, and the supplier can sell their products. B2C ( Business to consumers ) is a straight-lined marketplace model. Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay are fine examples of the most successful and popular B2C eCommerce marketplace websites. They gained popularity through their eCommerce website and application that made them reliable and trustworthy. Through their websites and apps, the sellers were able to start their businesses without any hassle, and buyers were able to purchase required products. We, QuikieApps, a top-notch eCommerce development company, are well appreciated for our works in eCommerce website development and eCommerce app development by our esteemed clients.

eCommerce B2B Trade platform

eCommerce B2B trade has grown substantially since the birth of eCommerce online marketplaces. B2B (Business-to-Business) is a trade portal where businesses make commercial transactions. Alibaba, IndiaMart, Global Sources, etc. are some of the largest and most renowned B2B online trade portals. These organizations make businesses run seamlessly because any company can purchase the required material from one of these trade portals without any hassle. Import and export are also made easy by the eCommerce B2B websites or apps because of their efficiency in order management and automation. We excel in designing and developing such apps and websites because we utilize our best talents to plan and render online platforms for B2B trade portals.

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Enterprise eCommerce development

Online presence for businesses has become a must lately. Every organization has its application set up for business. Web applications established and used for online purchases of products or services are known as E-commerce websites. In this competing world, a business doesn’t need only an online presence but also demands on-point UI/UX design, enhanced search capabilities, secure payment options, and so on. We, Quikieapps, provide creative development services for every enterprise out there looking to have its E-commerce platform. We, Quickieapps, are one of the best E-commerce development companies in Bangalore, India. We put in work, effort and invest in providing our clients with the best E-commerce developers in India. Quickieapps possess developers with immense skill sets and experience capable of efficiently developing a customized E-commerce website tailored proficiently for your and end-users needs and demands.

Multi-Vendor Platform development

Multi-Vendor Platforms are highly growing applications known for their vendor management features and easy purchase function. Although Multi-vendor E-commerce platforms are a great and efficient business, it is a highly complex job to handle and maintain the vendors and the users. We, Quickieapps, are known for our best Multi-Vendor Platform development services in India. Our prime goal is to provide you with the best Multi-Vendor Platform in this competing market, and we achieve it with our proficient team of skilled developers. We effortlessly deliver business-efficient, graceful, and cost-effective Multi-Vendor platforms within a shorter period. We, Quickieapps, are known as the best Multi-Vendor Platform development company in India for our top-notch services.

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Online Booking Portal

Online booking portals have made our day-to-day lives easier by aiding us in saving time and money. Websites and apps like BookMyShow, Agoda, Airbnb, Yatra are some of the most popular and online booking portals with a unique design and user experience, which has earned trust among many other substitutes. In QuikieApps, we utilize several industry-standard techniques to tailor an application or a website with all the necessary features with an enhanced user experience.

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Industries that we served:

We, QuikieApps, are recognized as a best-in-class eCommerce development company for our previous eCommerce website and app development because of our effectiveness and efficiency. Our team of highly qualified and proficient developers can design progressive business models to surpass the client’s expectations. Our extensive evaluation methods have supported several companies in developing an eCommerce website or app effectively and efficiently in an economical manner. We have achieved an outstanding feat by assisting our esteemed clients and helped them reach their aspired position among the best eCommerce businesses in the market. Such achievements have presented us as loyal and credible for the existing eCommerce business that works online. We have provided our clients with eCommerce apps and eCommerce websites that have assisted them in elevating their business. We render eCommerce websites and apps for various industries in the market.

Fashion and clothing through eCommerce is a rapidly growing business. eCommerce websites or eCommerce apps for fashion and clothing have made the life of an individual pleasant by saving time and money by ordering online. According to Statista, 57% of internet users worldwide have purchased fashion-apparel products online. And by the end of 2025, the fashion eCommerce market is expected to reach $1164.7 billion. The above stats prove that fashion and clothing eCommerce is in great demand in the present market. It is safe and ingenious for every fashion and clothing business to go online with eCommerce website development or eCommerce app development to succeed in the market. We, QuikieApps, a top eCommerce development company in Bangalore, house a team of highly innovative and skillful eCommerce developers who can render an aesthetically pleasing and seamless website or app for your fashion and clothing business.

fashion & clothing ecommerce development company
Medical & Pharma eCommerce website development company

Due to the Covid-19, the eCommerce healthcare industry has substantially grown. According to Statista, health and medicine websites have generated about 581.37 million traffic during the May month of 2020. During the pandemic, many were rendered obsolete because of the fear of leaving the house and traveling to purchase medicines, but the Healthcare eCommerce market witnessed a spike in its sales when millions opted for eCommerce websites or apps for healthcare. We, QuikieApps, a top eCommerce development company, conduct various researches and design the website or app to ensure that any individual with or without knowledge can use the app or website to place an order online for medicine or healthcare.

Travel & Tourism

The travel and tourism eCommerce market was the earliest to reach height among other eCommerce markets. The love for travel has rendered various businesses like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and Expedia flourished beyond expectations. By the end of 2027, the market size of the travel and tourism eCommerce market is to reach approximately $983 billion. Due to the Covid-19, the market might have gone down, but post-lockdown lifted, the industry saw an upward spike in sales. A Travel and tourism eCommerce website or an app should also have the finest of all User interfaces (UI) because every user of such websites or apps aims for a peaceful time in the travel. Hence the interface should be compelling to ensure that the best experience is rendered using the Travel eCommerce website or app.

Travel & Tourism eCommerce app development company
food & beverages ecommerce development company

Food & Beverages

Food and Beverages eCommerce apps and websites have gained profound appreciation by successfully providing the end-user when in need without any hassle. They have changed the course of the world during the pandemic lockdowns by providing the required without any hassle. The love for food in the present world is immeasurable, and during the pandemic, the food industry has proved its prominence among other eCommerce industries. According to Statista, by 2023, 97% of total market revenue will be generated through online sales. This statistical data proves that there will be no decline in the graph of a food industry no matter the situation. We, QuikieApps, are widely renowned for our prominence in developing Food and Beverages eCommerce and are considered a top-notch eCommerce development company in Bangalore.


With about 4.5 billion internet users worldwide, the entertainment eCommerce industry ( Digital TV, News, Movies, Web series, Music, Games ) sees no end to its success reign in the future because of its prominence all over the world. From a newspaper, the world advanced to digitize the newspapers by creating websites or apps for end-users to access the news anytime and anywhere. Several OTT (Over the top) platforms have digitized the movies, which gave us movies without visiting a theatre and the birth of web series that took the world by storm, especially during the pandemic lockdowns. Ex: – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Dailyhunt, Steam, Spotify, Resso, etc. These are some of the prominent and successful entertainment eCommerce industries. Our talented and experienced eCommerce website and app developers can render an aesthetically pleasing and seamless eCommerce entertainment app or website as per your and the end-users requirements.

Entertainment eCommerce Development Services
Real Estate eCommerce website development company

Real Estate

In recent times finding a house for rent or purchase has turned out easy with reduced brokerage because of the eCommerce Real estate apps and websites in the market. Apps and websites like No broker, Housing, Magic bricks, 99acres provide widely appreciated assistance for finding a house for rent or sale in a society filled with fraudster real estate agents. Our team of highly skilled and qualified developers follows numerous tactics to learn the wants and needs of the market and design and develop an aesthetically pleasing and superior eCommerce Real estate website or application. As the best-in-town eCommerce development company, we guarantee the best service in eCommerce real estate websites or application development.


The eCommerce automobile industry has aided many end-users with required information about the vehicle, including the finance details. Presently, bookings for automobiles can also be online through these eCommerce automobile websites or apps. These eCommerce automobile websites or apps provide the users updated news about specific content related to the automobile industry to keep the end-users updated with the advancement in the automobile industry. We, QuikieApps, a top-notch eCommerce development company in Bangalore, can render an aesthetically pleasing and seamless website or app for your automobile industry. Our team of highly creative and accomplished eCommerce developers can render you the best app or website with your requirements and the end-user’s demands.

Automobiles eCommerce app development services

Education & Training

eLearning and training websites or apps have aided many individuals to cultivate new talents and learn new kinds of stuff, especially during the lockdown users for the eLearning apps and websites increased rapidly. According to a survey, by 2026, the Indian online education market will be worth $8.6 billion. This forecast can clear many doubts of the users because of the pandemic, and lockdown students were idle and online education brought back the school or college or course training inside a phone or laptop or tablet. Online education and training aided many idle students wasting their time without acquiring any knowledge by providing solutions by conducting online classes for schools and colleges and course training. Our team of highly equipped and skillful developers can design and develop best-in-class online education and training websites or apps to surpass client’s expectations. Our extensive evaluation methods have assisted numerous companies in developing an eLearning website or app productively and efficiently in a conservative manner. We, QuikieApps, a top-notch eCommerce development company, are well known for our efficient and peerless eCommerce app or website development process.

About Our eCommerce Development Company

QuikieApps is a well-honored eCommerce development company in Bangalore, India. We design and develop all types of eCommerce websites and applications, including Fashion and technology, Travel and tourism, food and beverages, etc.., in our eCommerce development company. We intend to provide you with the best eCommerce development services possible. QuikieApps intends to achieve reliability in our clients and the end-users by satisfying their needs and wants in the website and application to present us as the best eCommerce development company in India. Our team of highly proficient and competent developers follows various strategies to learn the requirements and wants and design and develop an aesthetically pleasing and peerless website or application to render you with the best eCommerce development services. We offer the option to choose among our gifted and proficient developers for your project in our eCommerce development company. With this choice, you can select among our experienced and accomplished developers who would be an outstanding choice for assisting you in your path to sculpting your vision into authenticity.

Why QuikieApps, the top eCommerce Development Company?

We, QuikieApps, are profoundly experienced, notably in the field of eCommerce development services. Also, we have the required systems and technologies for rendering best-in-town, extensible eCommerce websites and eCommerce apps. Most importantly, we house a team of highly skilled and motivated developers who can forge the best result out of a creative concept. We believe that meeting the requirements of both the client and the end-user is the most challenging duty. Hence we can proudly say that we stand apart in achieving the same by blending equal proportions of talent and expertise. Our motto is to ensure that our products and services display our great design skills and outstanding dynamic ideas. We have enduring and deliberate associations with our clients because of the clarity levels that we tailor with our best-in-class products and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do you listen to our ideas and build websites or apps accordingly?

Yes, we also design and develop eCommerce websites and apps as per your requirements.

Do you provide support post the site is developed?

Yes, we do provide support for all your issues and queries post the development and launching of the site.

What is the cost for designing and developing the eCommerce website or app?

The cost of the overall depends upon the no. of hours worked by a developer and the features that are included and the design structure and time taken to develop the website or an app.

Will the information I provide be safe?

All the data and information required for the project are managed and cautiously secured. We do not see it as professional in rendering a non-safe eCommerce development services to our clients.

Post the development of a website or an app, if I have any changes to make is it possible?

Yes, we can assist you in customizing the design as per your requirements.

Is it possible to develop a website similar to another website?

Yes, a template can be used similar to that website or we can build a website from scratch as per your requirements.

Can we choose our developers?

Yes, you can handpick our eCommerce developers for your project.

Is the development process transparent?

We enable the process to be transparent for our clients to ensure their reliance on the process.

Are your developers well skilled in eCommerce websites or app development?

Our developers are highly talented and experienced in creating eCommerce websites and apps.

Do you provide service outside India?

Yes, we do provide service for clients and companies overseas.

How long will it take to develop an application?

The duration of the project depends upon the features to be included in the application and the platform for which the application has to be developed.

Do you provide SEO optimization for my website?

For content and SEO optimization for your website you can hire professional content writers and SEO optimizers as of now in QuikieApps we do not provide the service.

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