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    ReactJS features allow you to create not only small components of a web page but also the entire webpage. React is a JavaScript open-source library for creating user interfaces. This is maintained by Facebook and a consortium of developers and businesses. React could be used as a framework for single-page or mobile application development.

    Some of the Important Reactjs Features:

        • Component-based Architecture
        • JSX (Javascript XML)
        • Virtual DOM
        • React Hooks
        • Simplicity
        • Exceptional Performance


    Component-based architecture


    Every ReactJS code is made up of components. These components can manage their state and can be reused multiple times. This feature of ReactJS makes the whole process of building a ReactJS application much convenient. This is beneficial when your project is enormous.

    Every component has its logic and controls and can be rendered in the react DOM library. Every component is placed inside a wrapper component, and from there it is called inside the main program, which makes project handling a lot easier. This architecture is highly beneficial for developers.  


    ReactJS has two declarations of components

    Functional Components:

    These are JavaScript functions that return some JSX value. Functional parts are defined with a return type profile, hence React JS components under Functional declaration will return an output.

    Class-based components:

    These are ES6 classes. They can hold the value of components and pass the values to child components with the help of ‘props’. When you build a class-based component, the integrity of the data is maintained. As classes follow the data hiding concept, they are meant to confine the data which has been used.


    JSX (JavaScript XML)

    JSX is a combination of JavaScript And HTML used by ReactJS. JSX is the most efficient way to write syntax used by ReactJS. Hence, it is recommended to write ReactJS components with JSX, although you can write them in pure JavaScript language as well. JSX provides a range of attributes from HTML language.

    JSX syntax closely resembles HTML. Hence this is a convenient way of writing ReactJS components and has been adopted by almost every web developer. You can hire some expert JSX writer from the react js development team, to get a proficient quality for your project.

    JSX is the extension of JavaScript and is one of the best features of React. It has made the syntax easy to write and understand as the text is similar to HTML. Every reactjs developer uses JSX for making ReactJS applications.  

    It’s decelerative:

    ReactJS is decelerative! This means there is no need to refresh your web page every time you make changes in your code. ReactJS, keeping the task simple will make the changes for you instantly. Let’s take an example: suppose you changed the code of one of your components.

    To make this change implemented in our web application, you’ll need to refresh the page. But while using ReactJS every change, you will automatically be implemented on the web application. While using react, you need not specify and execute every process.

    ReactJS immediately updates and renders, every time you make changes in the code. The decelerative feature makes your programming lot more efficient. This makes react development become more efficient.

    Virtual DOM:

    Virtual DOM or virtual Document Object Model is another remarkable feature of ReactJS. This feature of React renders and updates the browsers efficiently without wasting the time of the developer. Virtual DOM is an object identical to the javascript object.

    It is the representation of real dom. Virtual DOM has the same features and properties of the real JavaScript DOM. Only the difference is that the Virtual DOM is a lot faster than the real DOM and thereby allows you to make changes in the web application in an optimal manner.

    It is just like the blueprint of the real DOM. In ReactJS, while making changes in the program code, ReactJS updates the Virtual DOM. Then compares the updated virtual DOM with the previous Virtual DOM. ReactJS, figure out which components have been changed. After that, the components which have been changed in the virtual DOM are updated in the real DOM.

    This updates the web application very quickly making the process of the Front-End development much efficient. This feature gives a significant boost to reactjs developers in developing a web application.

    React hooks:

    React hooks is the feature which enables you to practice React features without defining a class. Generally, this feature makes use of the react functions outside the class. UseState, useContext, useReducer, and useEffect are some of the built-in react hooks.

    Rules of Hooks

    While using hooks, there are specific rules which must be followed:

        1. Hooks must be called at the top level; they cannot be called inside loops or if-statements.
        2. Hooks should be called form react functions, not from normal functions
        3. Hooks should be called outside a class, calling hooks inside class displays an error.  
    Custom Hooks

    ReactJS also enables developers to build their custom hooks. These hooks can have your logic and incorporate the capability of reusability. A custom hook written in JSX gives it a more manageable approach towards the development of the program. The syntax of a custom hook begins with the keyword “use”. Customs Hooks have all features of Built-in hooks, and all the syntax rules apply to them. Custom Hooks are used by react js outsourcing companies and all over the field.


    ReactJS uses JSX (JavaScript XML) which makes programming though it is extremely simple. Utilization if JSX provides HTML capabilities. Hence the developer needs no to learn JavaScript till depth. Most of the keywords and attributes of HTML are directly mentioned in the React JS JavaScript Library. The simplicity of ReactJS makes it the leading library used by top industry leaders.

    Its component-based approach makes the programming easier by enabling you to use code reusability. One function or component declared at one part of the code can easily be reused every other part where it is required. Node JS is the application added while developing React JS web applications. The User interface of Node JS is very user friendly and makes programming simple giving the web developer a rich coding experience.

    The file and library arrangement in ReactJS is also highly convenient. Which enables easier relocation of previous web projects. ReactJS development applications consist of a code completion system that completes the syntax as you start typing it. The built-in JSX library lists all the options of the suitable command for you which are required at that part of the code. Because of the convenient applications of ReactJS, QuikieApps provide you with the best reactjs development services.

    Exceptional Performance:

    ReactJS is known for its astonishing performance. React JS gives you fast outputs by utilizing virtual DOM. The major cause of its greater efficiency is due to the management of DOM. It uses a cross-platform programming API. This component deals with programming languages like HTML, XHTML or XML. Due to DOM management, memory consumption is very less. This feature increases the speed and performance of applications.

    React comprises one-way data binding along with an application architecture which is called control flux. Flux controller manages the flow of the application. ReactJS updates the web applications for the view of the user in a very efficient manner. This also controls the workflow of web application development.

    Creating web applications with ReactJS enables the user to save time in editing the interface in front end development. React JS uses render methods named as ‘render ()’ that takes the input data and determines what to display. Also, you can access the input data which has been passed to the ReactJS component through this method. Additionally, a component can maintain its state and can be revoked by the same render method.

    Final Verdict:

    React JS plays a crucial role in the front end development ecosystem. You can create a highly interactive and dynamic user interface for your web application or mobile applications. React JS offers you the best front end development experience you can find. React JS accelerates the performance of a developer to build an exceptional user interface, which is error-free and user friendly. In all aspects, top reactjs development will provide you with the best web apps with these features. The significant advantage of react JS is Reactjs Development Company uses the same Web codes in other platforms like Angular and Vue.

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