React JS: Here’s what we should know about it

    What is React JS?

    React JS is the most prominent front-end foundation of web applications. An open-source Javascript library for building user interfaces notable for single-page applications. It also acts as a view layer for web and mobile applications. Reusable components can also be created by the use of this. Jordan Walke (Facebook’s software engineer) was the first one who created REACT. It first took its position on facebook’s newsfeed in 2011 and Instagram’s news feed in 2012.

    The amazing authority by it is that developers can create large web applications that can change data without reloading pages. The main aim of React is to be speedy, extensible, and simple. This makes it simplified enough to make it more understandable to the users. It only works on user interfaces of application and the fusion of this with other Javascript libraries can work best.

    Why Choose React JS?

    There are many other platforms making front-end web applications much simplified like Angular then why switch to react?

    What is the special thing React provides us and not other platforms. Let’s take a look at how React is surviving with its competitors. The next best technology you’re looking for, when you feel like your framework is the dead-end then React is the savior. The most simplified and component-based technology with a well-defined lifecycle, react is here to help you with the plain javascript feature which ultimately makes the use of it in a very simplified way. It uses a special syntax JSX which gives you the authority to fuse HTML with Javascript. If you have the basic knowledge about programming you can simply use it while for the use of other platforms you should have domain-specific knowledge.

    Eventually, all you should have is the knowledge of CSS and HTML and you’re good to go with react. An amazing feature of reusability supported react provides you the access to create android, IOS, and web applications as well. It does not offer you a concept of the built-in container but it surely provides you with the feature of one-way data binding and an application architecture called flux controls.

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    But this is not the end. It is super easy to test and react views identified like functions of the state. We can manipulate with the state we pass to the view through which we can have a look at the output, events, and functions. Javascript uses a syntax called JSX which is a simple syntax that allows HTML quoting. It uses the HTML tag syntax to render subcomponents. It also has a bulk of native libraries announced by Facebook in 2015. This provides an architecture to the ios, android, and web applications.

    An intelligent move that is in-memory data cache. It calculates the changes made and then updates the browser. The best part of using react native is that it helps you adopt components written in objective C, java, and swift. React gives you a single way data flow that is the component cannot modify any of the properties directly but rather it passes a call back function with its help we can do modifications. This process is popularly known as Property flow down and actions flow up.


    React is a very simplified web framework with a lot of features that can help you work more productively. It is kept by Facebook and community developers. You can make interactive UI, designing simple views for your application, and what not? It comes with the requirement of very basic knowledge of programming so this means you can easily learn this program and can work on it without facing any issues as it’s also very flexible.

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